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Spirituality at Harrietsham

What Spirituality means to us at

Harrietsham C of E Primary School


Our Vision is rooted in our school community sowing, growing, and deepening their God given potential, in order ‘that they may have life, and have it to the full.’ (John 10:10).

Spirituality at Harrietsham opens us to life and to each other.

Through our relationships, individuality and our awareness and wonder beyond our visible world.

It is a thread which runs through our lives, bringing purpose, identity and belonging and the values by which we live.

Using the image of a ring-doughnut. The two parts, the ‘whole’ representing the person and the inside ‘core’ representing spiritual development; the two parts equally important to form the ‘whole’, is what we want to achieve through our spiritual growth.  

To support everyone’s spiritual development at Harrietsham CEP, we use the common language developed by Liz Mills of ‘windows, mirrors, and doors’ these visuals provide opportunities for questioning and experiences for everyone to reflect outwardly, inwardly, and beyond.