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There are many different types of need at Harrietsham; the four main areas of SEND are identified as:

• Communication and Interaction

• Cognition and Learning

• Social, Emotional, and Mental Health

• Sensory/Physical


Children with SEND will have primary need (i.e., their most prominent area of need) but may also have additional needs in other areas. Harrietsham CEP School caters for all these areas of SEND need. Our support of children follows a tiered approach, gradually building up to the required level for each individual child.

Universal: High-quality teaching is the foundation for all learners. Staff know the child’s starting point and have high expectations for all. They adapt their classroom practice based on feedback, training and needs of children. Teachers use retrieval practice, modelling and scaffolding to support children and adaptations are made at a classroom level in line with best practice guidance. We follow the advice of the Mainstream Core Standards, which is developed by KCC to ensure that our teaching conforms to best practice. Here is a link to access the Mainstream Core Standards Document, including a helpful parent guide to offer additional support:

Mainstream Core Standards (KCC)


Targeted: Targeted support is typically delivered by staff with additional training and expertise. This may be in small groups or 1:1. Interventions run for a set time and the impact of these interventions are regularly reviewed.


Specialist: Sometimes we need to call upon the support and advice of other professionals and services. Examples include support from Educational Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language therapists or health professionals. At Harrietsham Church of England Primary school we value all our children and in partnership with our parents, aim to ensure full and equal access to every aspect of learning.


We welcome any opportunity to work together with families to support our children. Please feel free to contact us by telephone on 01622 859261, informally at the gate or in school, by email at or come into the school to make an appointment.

Here to help you are;

  • Mrs Ruth Powell: SENCO
  • Miss Charlotte James: Assistant SENCO
  • Your child’s Class Teacher (available at the end of every day on the playground or more formally by appointment)
  • Ms Emily Brazier: School Governor for Special Educational Needs


Kent County Council provide details of all the services which are available to you through their Local Offer, which can be found at through the following link:

Local Offer (KCC)


Please have a look at the Special Educational Needs Policy and Information report to find out more about how we support our children.


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