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Statement of intent:
At Harrietsham Church of England Primary School, we aim to allow every child to flourish and live life in all its fullness. Through the RE curriculum, children will be prepared for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life in modern Britain, acquiring a rich, deep knowledge and understanding of Christian belief and practice, as well as learning about a range of other religions and worldviews, fostering respect for others in the process.

RE is vital in enabling children to see the common ties that bind people across countries and cultures, and to understand that spirituality and belief are an innate and universal part of the human experience. As such, at Harrietsham we aim to encourage children to see links between major world religions at every stage of their school journey.

To give the deepest understanding of the role of religion in human life, we aim to demonstrate the influence of religion throughout our entire primary curriculum. Examples of this include: in History, showing the centrality of belief to different cultures and in different times; in art and music, showing how religious belief has inspired artists and musicians and in science, showing the role that people of faith have taken in the development of scientific understanding, as well as considering the relationship between science and religion today. 

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