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Statement of Intent:

At Harrietsham Church of England Primary School, we aim to foster a lifelong love and appreciation of the Arts for all our children through high quality teaching. Our Art Curriculum aims to deliver diverse and creative learning opportunities, which are underpinned by the National Curriculum.

We aspire to expand on what children understand as being art, and art’s narrative through history, and its impact across other curriculum subjects including Religious Education, History and Geography. We will provide children with a deepened understanding and connection to both their locality, as they are taught to consider the role art plays when providing opportunities to learn about the local area, as well as learning about the wider world and people around them. Our children will be exposed to extensive experiences and opportunities to explore, create and evaluate a wide range of art and design processes and techniques. It is through these, we aim to inspire and ignite creativity and an excited curiosity for art and design, and develop a genuine interest in the subject, motivating children to explore and practise the skills taught beyond the classroom.                                        

Children will investigate and explore different styles of art, engaging in practical learning experiences.  Art lessons will be fun, presenting the children with opportunities to develop their creativity, providing challenge, inspiration and encourage their use of imagination and original thought. Through discussion, enquiry, and working as a team, they are taught the skills to use a wide range of materials, tools and techniques competently. Children will be encouraged to describe how sources of inspiration and influence make a difference to themselves, and others, shaping their own creativity.

We believe that art is a way for children to communicate their ideas, feelings and responses, and knowledge of the work of a range of artists, contributes to their cultural understanding. Diversity is celebrated through exploring a variety of artists. Children are taught and encouraged to appreciate artists and the artistic efforts of others. Supporting the British Values of respect and tolerance, thus aiding understanding and acceptance of diversity across different times and cultures.

With this knowledge, they can experiment, invent and create their own works of art, craft and design, and then break as many of those rules as they like.

Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.
Pablo Picasso