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Statement of Intent:

At Harrietsham Church of England Primary School, we believe the teaching of Geography encourages children to enquire about people and places, both locally and worldwide. At its core, Geography is an investigative subject, which immerses children in the knowledge to research both the natural and human world. It is our belief that Geography inspires children to confidently ask their own questions and help make sense of their own identity within the world. Geography encourages our children to research the curiosities they have about the wider world and develop a concern for environmental issues. We strive to do this in a fun, active and challenging way that immerses all pupils.

Our Geography curriculum is shaped by our school vision which aims to enable all children to flourish in their learning. As children progress through the Geography curriculum, their understanding of the world deepens and so does their ability to develop key skills and form links between physical and human processes. It is our hope our children become passionate and avid learners, to make sense of their environment. We value outdoor learning opportunities to allow the children to immerse themselves in their local environment and experience geographical concepts directly. At Harrietsham CEP we endeavour to spark children’s fascination about the world which they are living in and all the people who they share it with. As our village expands and we meet new people from different backgrounds, we use Geography as a way to explore the diversity in our local environment and the wider world. This spirit to keep exploring will continue throughout their lives, preparing children to flourish later on in society.

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