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School clubs For Term 4 2024


 Please see our extra curricular activities options below. We ask that parents pick a maximum of two clubs for each of their children, as a first and second choice.

Our club offer in Term 4 includes:

After school clubs

Gymnastics                       YRS 3 & 4             

Creative Club                    KS1   

TTRS                                   Yrs 3 & 4

Film Club                           KS2

Film Club                           YR & KS1     

Girls & Boys Football       Yrs 3 - 6                             

Mindful Colouring           YR & KS1                                                                                                  

Tri-Golf                               YRS 3 & 4          


Kids with bricks                ALL                                    

Kids with Bricks is an external club offer and not booked through the school. Please see the website


Cost clubs £2 per week for football 


Girls Football                    KS2                                      

Boys Football                    KS2                                      


Lunchtime clubs

Open Door Music Practice   All