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Statement of Intent:

At Harrietsham Church of England Primary School, we aim to deliver a creative and inclusive Computing Curriculum, encouraging pupils of all ages and abilities to get involved and investigate a range of programs.

We understand the importance of nurturing an enthusiasm for computing in an increasingly technological world.  By developing confidence in computing, we will help provide our children with essential skills that will be profoundly useful in many future career prospects and we hope that they will all develop a love of the subject, using a wide variety of software for recreation too.  We hope that all children become inquisitive and learn just how important computer systems are, understanding how they can stay safe and how they can have a positive digital footprint.  There are some risks, but they can be minimised by following small, simple steps, ensuring the computers continue to be a beneficial resource throughout life.  The subject of computing is constantly developing; we therefore encourage the children to explore the possibilities provided by the computer programs and aim to instil a positive mindset to resolving possible problems by teaching the importance of programming, testing and debugging.  We want the children to develop a curiosity to explore new technology and software, becoming proficient in a range of skills – after all, we hope that they will explore and investigate new technologies that are also developed in the future! 

We hope that by providing a curriculum that develops their knowledge and their skills, they will become passionate about the subject and will continue to pursue their interests and develop their skills further, both outside of school and in the future.

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