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Badgers Class Year 4

Welcome to Badgers Class!


Your teachers this year are Mrs Mitchell who will be with you every Monday, and Mrs Lace, who will be with you from Tuesday to Friday. We also have Miss Parker in class to support you throughout the week.


Did you know, there are more to badgers than just being cute and cuddly? The Eurasian badger, which is the one we have in Britain, is known for being hard working, neat and tidy and also brave – never giving up, even when it’s tough! We think they are so great - we have a class song about them … and us.


We are Badgers, we are Badgers.

Eager for a challenge, focussed on our day.

Quiet, thoughtful learners, super speedy workers.

Times tables masters, tidy cursive writers,

Never giving up, even when it’s tough.

(We sing it to an adapted version of Frère Jacques)


We have lots of exciting activities planned for the year, including learning about the Ancients Greek and Roman civilisations in history lessons, when we will be learning about life in those times and how they affect our lives today. During geography, we will be exploring Russia, including discovering what life is like for Russian children. We have interesting investigations and experiments planned for our science topics; exploring habitats, sound, electricity and animals including humans. One of our key aims in maths, will be to learn all our times tables by the end of the year but please don’t worry if you don’t know many yet – we have lots of games and tricks to help you.


We are looking forward to a fun-packed and busy year!


Mrs Lace, Mrs Mitchell and Miss Parker