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Badgers Class Year 4

Welcome to Badgers Class!


Your teachers for Badgers Class are Mrs Lace, who will be with you on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Mrs Kelly who teaches on Thursday and Friday and our learning support assistant is Mrs Doyle. 


Do you think badgers are cute and cuddly creatures? Is there more to find out about them? Because this year we will be Badgers Class, one of our first tasks will be to research and discover as much as we can about these animals so we can create a class song that reflects their qualities!


Our history is focussed on the Ancients Greek and Roman civilisations. We will be learning how they lived and how their cultures affect our lives today. As part of our geography, we are finding out about Russia, whilst science topics includes habitats, sound and animals, including humans. In maths, we aim to know all our times tables by the end of the year, plus we’ve got so much more to learn in all of our other subjects too. We are going to be very busy!

We look forward to an exciting year,


Mrs Lace, Mrs Kelly and Mrs Doyle