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Come and meet the staff at our school!


Senior Leadership Team

Acting Head Teacher - Mrs A Waller-Davies

Senior Teacher, KS2 Coordinator & Maths Specialist Teacher - Mrs C Tanner

SENCO - Mrs E Duddy


Designated Safeguarding Leads

Mrs A Waller-Davies

Mrs C Tanner

Mrs E Duddy



Butterflies Class  Year R  Mrs C Smith

Ladybird Class    Year R  Miss E Giannini

Squirrels Class    Year 1  Mrs A Chapman

Hedgehog Class  Year 1  Mr B Walker

Dormice Class     Year 2  Miss A Reed

Foxes Class         Year 3  Mr W Kingsland and Mrs J Frost

Owls Class          Year 4  Mrs S Lace and Mrs L Kelly

Rabbits Class      Year 5  Mr D Hyder

Badgers Class     Year 6  Mr R Saye


Music Teacher      Mrs E Holland

MFL Teacher        Mrs P Medhurst

PE Teacher          Mrs J Frost


Learning Support Assistants

Mrs P Jones

Mrs K Cheel

Mrs S Richardson

Mrs S Doyle

Mrs E Marriott

Mrs T Finch

Mrs J Griffin

Mrs T Keggans

Mr A Williams

Ms B Guillade-Martinez


Family Liaison Officer (FLO)

Mrs D Russell


Office Staff

Business Manager    Mrs J Williams

Office Administrator Mrs K Furmidge     

Office Assistant       Ms S Burr  


Breakfast Club

Ms R Lacey

Mrs P Harris


Mid-day supervisors

Ms R Lacey

Ms J Willow

Ms A Lye



Mr A Brooks

Mr T Lovelace



Mr A Brooks

Ms A Lye