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Healthy Week


What an amazing Healthy Week we had from 24th September until 28th September. Every child in the school participated in the various Healthy Week activities and the smiles on their faces showed their enjoyment and enthusiasm throughout the whole week. Throughout the week every class had the opportunity to plan a healthy recipe and make it to eat in class. We had fruit kebabs to flapjacks to tortilla pizzas! It really was a celebration for our taste buds.


On the Monday we had a visitor from the mental health charity MIND. She spoke to each class and had prepared activities based on wellbeing which focused on the importance of having healthy minds as well as bodies. The children played a game in which they were in two teams and they had to discuss scenarios in order to reach the land of wellbeing. This was very engaging and informative for the children.


We also had a visit from Rebound. Years 1 to 6 had the opportunity to spend 20 minutes in the hall bouncing to their hearts content. They had instructions to follow but also had some free time to bounce and enjoy the trampolines. This activity most definitely left hearts racing and sore cheeks from laughing!


On Tuesday we had a visit from Family Trust who focused their assembly around spiritual health. This explored the importance of keeping spiritually healthy and how it is good to take time out and focus on our faith. Mrs. Davis then organised some prayer reflection time in the hall from each class. This was based on the Prodigal Son which followed on from Family Trust’s assembly. Each class had a 30 minute slot in the hall and an activity to complete based on the parable. This time also allowed for some quiet prayer time and reflections on what the parable meant.


Wednesday was a busy day with the SAS kick starting the day off with a healthy eating assembly. They discussed the importance of healthy eating for our organs and teeth as well as discussing the different vitamins and food groups that we need in our diet.


In the afternoon Warburtons paid a visit to Year 4. They did some activities around food hygiene before making some sandwiches in the afternoon. The children absolutely loved this and had nothing but positive things to say about their day with Warburtons.


Throughout the day on the Wednesday the children also had the opportunity to learn about handwashing. This was made possible due to a parent who works in environmental health and her colleague offering their expertise. The children went in groups to wash their hands and put their hands under a UV light to see if the germs had disappeared. To their amazement many hands needed to be re washed again to get rid of the germs! This was a very interesting and fun activity that the children enjoyed.


Thursday of Healthy Week was our fitness day. An obstacle course was set up on the field by a parent who has an army background along with his colleagues. This was very exciting and got our hearts pumping! The children raced against each other in pairs and they even had to dress the staff up in some army gear which got a few laughs!


Thursday afternoon was more chilled out with some yoga in the hall. The children learnt some yoga poses and the importance of listening to our breathing during the poses. This was a very quiet activity bringing some calmness to our busy week.


Finally Healthy Week came to an end on the Friday. The SAS ran a ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire Healthy Edition’’ for the whole school in the hall after break time. This quizzed the children on the facts they found out from the SAS healthy eating assembly. The participants were very successful with this quiz but unfortunately the SAS forgot to bring the large cash prizes usually associated with ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’.


Warburtons also paid a visit to Year 3 on the Friday before Healthy Week came to its finale in Celebration Assembly. Each class shared something they had done during the week and some of the fond memories they had made. Overall the week was a huge success with every child learning all about the different aspects of health.


Heathy Week