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Welcome to Owls Class!



Your teachers this year are Mrs Lace on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Kelly on Thursday and Friday. Mr Williams is our full-time LSA. 

Owls are known for their wisdom. They are independent birds who need to focus hard, using their excellent hearing and sensitive night vision to catch their prey. We have taken some of the qualities of owls and adapted them for our class song (sung to an adapted version of Frère Jacques)

We are Owl Class. We are Owl Class.
Ready for a challenge. Focussed on our day.
Independent learners. X-Table Masters.
Super speedy workers. Neat and cursive writers.
Never giving up, even when it’s tough.


We have a range of interesting topics to learn about this year, including Ancient Egyptians, Russians and Anglo Saxons. In Science, our learning includes habitats, sound and animals including humans, whilst in maths we aim to know all our times tables by the end of the year. Plus, we’ve got much more to learn in all of our other subjects too!

We are looking forward to an exciting year in Owls Class.

Mrs Lace & Mrs Kelly







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