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Welcome to Owls Class!


Owls are known for their wisdom, excellent hearing and sensitive night vision. 

We have been learning a lot about Owls in Literacy.  Did you know that Owls grow up to 25cm and can have a wing span of over a metre!  An average owl will eat over 4000 mammals a year!

Our topic this term is the Ancient Egyptians.  The children have been learning to: place the Ancient Egyptians on a timeline, where to find Egypt on a world map and the importance of the River Nile for farming, providing Egyptians with fertile land. In Literacy we have been writing descriptions of a journey along the River Nile focusing on using prepositions, adjectives and interesting sentence starters.  In Art we have been exploring tone and have created Tutankhamen’s mask by mixing white to change the tone of red or blue.  

In maths we have been focusing on place value.  We have been identifying the value of digits in a four digit number, comparing numbers using the greater than and less than symbols and rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.  We have also been counting on and back through negative numbers in terms of temperature.    

In Science we are learning about animals, how to identify, classify and sort creating keys.  The children enjoyed exploring the school grounds to locate different plants and trees.    

 In R.E children are learning about Christianity and what is meant by pilgrimage; we will be exploring the internal features of a church and their significance in worship.  





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