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Izzy Harwood Lucas - Fundraising

Some of you may be aware that one of our year 6 pupils has recently been diagnosed with a substantial triple scoliosis curve that requires surgery.  Izzy is an active, fun loving girl who has a passion for kickboxing.   If she has this surgery through the NHS, they would only offer spinal fusion which would stop her growth and her spinal mobility would be significantly reduced.  Her family are trying to raise funds (a significant amount) to pay for Vertebral Tethering Surgery, that will not only reduce her scoliosis curve, but also allow her to reach adult height and maintain her mobility. 


To help with this fundraising we are running a couple of sponsored events on Wednesday 22nd January.  The sponsored events (chosen by Izzy) are a 6 .25 HOUR SING-A-THON and a PENALTY SHOOTOUT. 


Please find below the sponsorship form.


If you would like to know more or are able to assist in other ways please go to: