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Welcome to Badgers Class!



Welcome to Year 6 and to Badgers Class!


During the year, the children in the class shall be working closely with Mr Hyder, Mrs Furmidge and Mrs Doyle. Our aims will involve reinforcing and developing the lessons learnt over the previous years, as well as teaching new content. There will be many interesting areas of the curriculum to explore and investigate, including evolution and inheritance in science, how the lives of children have changed through time in topic and a range of tasks to develop an understanding of algebra! We want you to have an enjoyable, memorable time here in the class, as these are the lessons most likely to stay with us and be remembered.


Year 6 is an important year – we shall be preparing you for the SATs, providing various opportunities to develop life skills (such as taking on additional responsibilities around the school) and aiming to develop both team work and independence through a range of activities, including the eagerly awaited residential!


We look forward to working with you, helping you to develop in confidence and preparing you for your transition into secondary school. Remember, you are at the top end of the school – as the role models, everyone from the other classes will look up to you. Remember the school values and show everyone how successful you have become; push yourself and be proud of your accomplishments!


We hope you have a brilliant year to end your time here at Harrietsham!

Swattenden Residential Presentation - October 2017

Swattenden 2018


The children have settled in well and are joining in with all the activities.  Looks great fun which seems to be echoed by their own words - please see below.


"It’s a really good site with lots of fun activities to do but we are also missing home a little.  We had to make our beds straight away and then we went to get some food.  The food was delicious and it made us want to eat more; we have already had a choice of pasta or jacket potato with salad, then a roast in the evening!


For the activities, we started off with orienteering – we had to use maps and find things around the site.  It was fun and a good way to recap how to use maps properly.  We also had the obstacle course, which was more competitive, but it was still fun – we worked well as a team and kept on encouraging each other and helping them overcome the obstacles.  Everyone should feel proud!  We have had some free time to play games in the shared area – there is also a pool table here!


The staff here on the site have been really nice so far too.  We are looking forward to the activities tomorrow and will have lots of stories to share on Wednesday!"


Swattenden Residential

Swattenden Residential 1
Swattenden Residential 2
Swattenden Residential 3
Swattenden Residential 4
Swattenden Residential 5
Swattenden Residential 6

Swattenden - Day 2


Day two has been full of activities – we have ended the day feeling very tired and a little achy.  Today we were split into two groups for our activities and we have been kept busy throughout the day.


During the morning, we all did the nightline – we were using blindfolds to go around a tricky obstacle course in the woods and our partners had to give us careful directions to guide us safely around it.  It was hard, but fun and it made us think about how difficult it is to lose one of our senses.  Our other morning activity was bivouac building, where we went down to the woods and had to make shelters from all the logs and branches we could find.  We had to work together to collect and place the wood in a secure way.


After lunch, we had two more activities.  During the Tri-crane and gutterball, we had to focus on teamwork and communication.  Our instructions had to be precise to get the hook of the crane in the right places, and we had to be patient and careful during the gutterball to get a tennis ball or golf ball all the way to the bucket at the bottom of the hill.  It really helped us work together and we improved with each attempt. We also had Team Trail, where we had to solve lots of different problems, such as trying to get across a gap by carefully placing boards or passing people through small gaps in a large rope web.  This was a fun task but it was quite difficult if we went too quickly.


We have had free time on the playground, a night-time walk through the site and the woods (all without much light at all) and have had plenty of food.  We have had a great time so far and have had fun working together!

Swatenden Day 2

Swatenden Day 2 1
Swatenden Day 2 2
Swatenden Day 2 3
Swatenden Day 2 4
Swatenden Day 2 5
Swatenden Day 2 6

Swattenden Day 3


Today has been very busy and active.  We have had four activities at different times through the day: rafting, the climbing wall, archery and crate stack. 


The rafting involved actually making the raft from a large, wooden board, some ropes and some blue plastic barrels.  We were split into teams to make them and had to work together to make sure it was all put together securely. After that, we had to get them into the water, where we had various races – everyone was careful and nobody fell in, although we did get wet from the rope (it was dangling into the water and we had to use it to pull the raft along).


The climbing wall and crate stack both needed a harness to keep us safe; they were really uncomfortable!  There were two routes to climb up the wall – everyone had a good attempt and quite a lot of people got to the very top!  The crate stack involved more balance – we had some very wobbly towers that we built from milk crates.  There were times where two of us had to balance on the same small crate, so there were some slips, but the harnesses kept everyone safe.  In both of these activities there were other roles to do, mainly involving the correct positioning of the rope and taking off the slack.  Although it was tough, it was a good challenge!


The archery was fun but difficult too – multiple people could fire arrows at the same time but quite a lot of arrows also went into the ground instead of the target.


We have ended the day by watching ‘Lego Movie’ together.  Everyone is going to get some sleep ready for the final morning so that everyone can be up early to sort out the room before our final activities.  The time seems to have gone quickly, but everyone is looking forward to seeing family and getting to sleep in their own beds again.


As a little reminder, we should be down at the carpark by 1.30pm as we will have to collect our things and check the rooms quickly after eating.

Swattenden Day 3

Swattenden Day 3 1
Swattenden Day 3 2
Swattenden Day 3 3
Swattenden Day 3 4
Swattenden Day 3 5
Swattenden Day 3 6
Swattenden Day 3 7
Swattenden Day 3 8
Swattenden Day 3 9
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