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Welcome to Badgers Class!



Welcome to Year 6 and to Badgers Class.


During the year, the children shall be working closely with Mrs Tanner and Mrs Hopkins as class teachers and Mrs Doyle as our class LSA. Our aims will involve reinforcing and developing the lessons learnt over the previous years especially content which may have been missed or need consolidating from Year 5 - as well as teaching new content. There will be many interesting areas of the curriculum to explore and investigate and we will study some rich texts in Literacy which link to the work learned in other areas. We hope that you have an enjoyable and memorable time here in the class, as these are the lessons most likely to stay with you and be remembered.


Year 6 is an important year and we look forward to welcoming you all back to class after the school closure earlier in 2020. Our main focus is on settling you, as individuals and as a class, back into school life and making sure that we support you in managing feelings and developing wellbeing during this period of transition. We shall be providing various opportunities to develop life skills (such as taking on additional responsibilities around the school, where possible), aiming to develop both team work and independence through a range of activities - including our Activity Week in the Summer term - and preparing you for all challenges which Year 6 will bring (academic or otherwise.)


We look forward to working with you, helping you to develop in confidence and preparing you for your transition into secondary school. Remember, you are at the top end of the school and, as the role models, everyone from the other classes will look up to you. Remember the school values and show everyone how successful you have become; push yourself and be proud of your accomplishments!


We hope you have a brilliant year to end your time here at Harrietsham!

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