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Welcome to Badgers Class!



Welcome to Year 6 and to Badgers Class!


During the year, the children in the class shall be working closely with Mr Saye, Mrs Keggans and Mrs Doyle. Our aims will involve reinforcing and developing the lessons learnt over the previous years, as well as teaching new content. There will be many interesting areas of the curriculum to explore and investigate, including evolution and inheritance in science, how the lives of children have changed through time in topic and a range of tasks to develop an understanding of algebra! We want you to have an enjoyable, memorable time here in the class, as these are the lessons most likely to stay with us and be remembered.


Year 6 is an important year – we shall be preparing you for the SATs, providing various opportunities to develop life skills (such as taking on additional responsibilities around the school) and aiming to develop both team work and independence through a range of activities, including the eagerly awaited residential!


We look forward to working with you, helping you to develop in confidence and preparing you for your transition into secondary school. Remember, you are at the top end of the school – as the role models, everyone from the other classes will look up to you. Remember the school values and show everyone how successful you have become; push yourself and be proud of your accomplishments!


We hope you have a brilliant year to end your time here at Harrietsham!

Swattenden Residential Presentation - October 2019

Swattenden 2019 - Day One


We’ve all settled in well after our first day at Swattenden, and despite being very excited, we all made it to bed – eventually!

Our day started with an introduction by our lead instructor, George. After that, we had to make our own beds, which some of us found easier than others!

Next stop was lunch (which was a roast dinner, with crumble for pudding), then, after a quick playtime on the playground, we all went orienteering together. Orienteering was a lot of fun, and we got to compete against each other in pairs to see who could find all of the markers first. We didn’t quite beat the record, but we gave it a good go. It was a great way to get used to the site, and now we all know our way around really well.

After orienteering, we had a quick break (where we got squash and cake), and then we did the assault course. We had to race against each other in teams – reds versus blues – and George said that we showed the best teamwork of any school he’s ever seen, so we all felt really proud of ourselves. We had a brilliant time, and enjoyed getting really muddy!

Once we’d gone back to our rooms to change our clothes, it was time for more food! Dinner was pasta (plus anything we wanted from the salad bar), followed by jelly or trifle. We were hungry after an afternoon of working hard, so some of us had seconds (and some of us may have had thirds…).

When we’d all had enough to eat, we went back to our accommodation. We have a building all to ourselves, just for our school, which has a big common room in. The common room even has a pool table! We finished the day by playing board games and card games together in the common room, before having showers (which we definitely needed to wash off all of the mud) and getting ready for bed.

It’s been a tiring first day, but a very enjoyable one. We’re all looking forward to tomorrow, when we’re going to split into three different groups to do lots of exciting activities. Some of us are even going to brave the leap of faith!  We hope you like our photos from today. We’ll have some more to show you tomorrow.



Swattenden Residential

Swattenden Residential 1
Swattenden Residential 2
Swattenden Residential 3
Swattenden Residential 4

Swattenden - Day 2


We were up bright and early on Day Two, and started the morning with a cooked breakfast (there was also cereal, toast, yoghurt and fruit).

After breakfast, we split into three groups: A, B and C.

During the day, Group A did bivouac building (making shelters from what we could find in the woods), rafting (where we had to make the rafts in teams, before racing them across the water), nightline (an obstacle course where we had to guide a blindfolded partner) and swamp skiing. Group B did nightline, the high zipline, the climbing wall and rafting. In both groups, we showed good determination and team spirit.

Group C had a full day of high activities, starting with the high zipline and climbing wall before lunch, followed by crate stack (building towers from plastic crates while standing on top of them) and the leap of faith (jumping from a high platform, wearing a harness) in the afternoon. We made really good progress over the course of the day, and impressed our instructors. We were very pleased with how we pushed ourselves, and everyone made an excellent effort on the leap of a faith.

In the evening, we were joined by Mrs Waller-Davies for a night walk through the woods. It was very dark – and also quite slippery – but we had a great time, and learned lots. It was exciting to experience the outdoors in such a different way, and to find out so many interesting facts about nature.

After the night walk, we had hot chocolate and birthday cake (happy birthday, Izzy!), before returning to the accommodation to get ready for bed. Now that we’ve had a chance to talk about all of the different activities we’ve tried so far, we’re looking forward to tomorrow even more!



Swatenden Day 2

Swatenden Day 2 1
Swatenden Day 2 2
Swatenden Day 2 3
Swatenden Day 2 4
Swatenden Day 2 5
Swatenden Day 2 6

Swattenden Day 3


Today was our last full day here, and it’s been a busy one!

After a delicious breakfast of American pancakes, we went straight into our first activities.

Group A were the group that did the most helmet-and-harness activities today. We started with the climbing wall and leap of faith before lunch, and then we did the high zipline after. To finish, we did archery: some of us even hit the bullseye!

In Group B, we had to be brave, because we began the day with the leap of faith. After that we had to work together on some problem solving activities (some of them were really tricky), followed by swamp skiing and entrapment (an obstacle course where we had to move through ropes without touching any of them). Finally, we ended the day with bivouac building.

Group C had a muddy start to the day with bivouac building, then we moved on to swamp skiing/entrapment, nightline and the problem solving activities. Our instructor told us that we were the first group she’d ever seen solve the ball maze puzzle without going wrong once, and she was really impressed with our team work.

Once we’d had dinner (which was a choice of shepherd’s pie or sausages with mash, and banoffe pie or crumble for pudding), we went back to our accommodation for a film night.

Tomorrow we’re going to pack our things ready to go home, before all of the groups do our final two activities. We’ve had so much fun so far, and we’re sad to be leaving, but we’re also looking forward to spending a night back in our own beds!


Swattenden Day 3

Swattenden Day 3 1
Swattenden Day 3 2
Swattenden Day 3 3
Swattenden Day 3 4
Swattenden Day 3 5
Swattenden Day 3 6
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