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Come and meet the staff at our school!


Senior Leadership Team

Head Teacher - Ms Oliver

Assistant Head Teacher - Mrs Waller-Davies

KS2 Coordinator & Maths Specialist Teacher - Mrs Tanner

SENCO - Mrs Duddy


Designated Safeguarding Leads

Ms Linda Oliver

Mrs Waller-Davies

Mrs Duddy



Butterflies Class  Year R  Mrs Smith

Ladybird Class    Year R  Miss Giannini

Squirrels Class    Year 1  Miss O'Neill

Dormice Class     Year 2  Mrs Lace and Mrs Kelly

Foxes Class         Year 3  Miss Rose

Owls Class          Year 4  Mr Kingsland and Mrs Frost

Rabbits Class      Year 5  Mr Saye

Badgers Class     Year 6  Mr Hyder 


Support Teacher  Mrs Tanner 

Music Teacher      Mrs Holland

MFL Teacher        Mrs Medhurst

PE Teacher          Mrs Frost


Learning Support Assistants

Mrs Jones

Mrs Cheel

Mrs Richardson

Mrs Greasley

Mrs Doyle

Mrs Marriott

Mrs Frost

Mrs Finch

Mrs Griffin

Mrs Keggans

Mrs Russell


Office Staff

Business Manager  Mrs Williams

Office Assistant      Mrs Furmidge     

Office Manager      Mrs Noon


Breakfast Club

Mrs Keggans

Mrs Finch


Mid-day supervisors

Ms Lacey

Ms Willow

Ms Lye



Mr Brooks

Mr Austin



Mr Brooks

Ms Cash