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Welcome to Dormice!


This year your class teachers will be Mrs Lace (Monday-Wednesday) and Mrs Kelly (Thursday and Friday), our lovely learning support assistant will be Ms Dowsing.


At the beginning of the year we will be having fun researching dormice and discovering all sorts of interesting facts about these tiny creatures.

We will be learning our class song, which we sing to the tune of Frère Jacques; soon we hope to be able to sing it as a round.

It includes some of the dormouse characteristics – qualities that we will try to reflect in all that we do.

We are looking forward to a fantastic school  year!


We are dormice,
We are dormice,
Bright-eyed & alert,
Bright-eyed & alert,
Quiet, super listeners,
Busy, careful workers
Yes we are!
Yes we are!



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Academic Year 2017 - 2018