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Welcome to Badgers Class!



Welcome to Year 6 and to Badgers Class!


Year 6 is an important year – we shall be preparing you for the SATs, providing various opportunities to develop life skills (such as taking on additional responsibilities around the school) and aiming to develop both team work and independence through a range of activities, including the eagerly awaited residential!


Over the course of this year, literacy and numeracy lessons will be taught by both Mr Hyder and Mrs Tanner. Mrs Furmidge will also be working closely with all the pupils during the year during group work in the lessons. Our aims will involve reinforcing and developing the lessons learnt over the previous years, as well as teaching new content. There will be many interesting areas of the curriculum to explore and investigate, including evolution and inheritance in science, how the lives of children have changed through time in topic and a range of tasks to develop an understanding of algebra!


We look forward to working with you and encouraging you, helping you to develop in confidence and preparing you for your transition into secondary school. However, you also have a huge opportunity to help yourself – why not volunteer for some of the various roles in school? From being monitors in the assemblies to play leaders in the playground at break times, or register monitors in the mornings to name a few, there are many ways that you can join in.


We hope you have a brilliant year to end your time here at Harrietsham!

Swattenden Residential Presentation - October 2017

Swattenden 2017


Sunday 8th October 2017 / Monday 9th October 2017


All the children have settled in well and all seem to agree that the food is good!

Accommodation is great and all is well.

Not much sleep had by all accounts!  That will hopefully change tonight as the children will all be exhausted.

Monday 9th October


Our first day involved learning how to build a raft and racing to cross a pond on it in pairs - luckily nobody fell in! We also completed an assault course, carefully climbing, balancing over and scrambling under various obstacles!

Our second day has been very full of activities - we completed a blindfolded obstacle course, working in pairs to guide each other safely. We also had the crate stack, where many people faced their fears to complete a climbing and balancing challenge, archery, where we had to shoot at a target and competed against each other, and orienteering, learning how to read maps and explore some of the site. We finished the long, busy day with the night walk, exploring the dark woods and learning the local history and about the wildlife here.

It has been great so far, and everyone is eager for the activities tomorrow!

Tuesday 10th October


On Tuesday, we began the day by conquering our fear of heights – the two activities were the climbing wall and the zip wire. Both of the activities were built at the same activity site around a large tree. Everyone worked really hard, and everyone should be proud of their attempts on the apparatus – everyone managed to complete the zip lie in the end (even those who found it very difficult still managed to climb the tall ladder and come off the platform). The climbing wall was done in pairs, and quite a few people even made it to the very top!


In the afternoon, the class had the team trail (a course with various problems to solve in groups), the tri-crane (which was where everyone worked together to pull three ropes to control a hanging hook) and the triangle, which was a low course which focused on balance. All the activities were great for helping people to work together, challenge themselves, and to persevere to overcome fears.


The day had been tiring, but great fun, and everyone has now had more practise with the harnesses. Everyone is looking forward to the activities scheduled for the final day!

Swattenden Photographs 2017

Swattenden Photographs 2017 1
Swattenden Photographs 2017 2
Swattenden Photographs 2017 3
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